Bubble Shooter deluxe

A deceptively simple, yet addictive puzzle game that requires players to elimate rows of different colored bubbles

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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Bubble Shooter deluxe
Bubble Shooter Deluxe

Make matches of three or more colored bubbles to clear the board.

Bubble Shooter is a simple game that can take up quite a bit of your time. The concept is easy to grasp, but the levels become more challenging as you progress through the game. Colors of the bubbles are bright and cheerful. The sound effects are fun to listen to, such as the popping sound of each bubble as you make contact. There is a launcher at the bottom of the screen. Rows of colored bubbles are on the screen. You're given one bubble at a time that matches the colors on the screen. You have to move the launcher to a position where the bubble will connect with bubbles of the same color to make a match of at least three in a row. If you make chains of several bubbles, then you earn more points, clearing the level faster than if you were to only clear the minimum number of bubbles.

When you clear a row of bubbles that have other colors underneath them, those bubbles will drop down as well. Every few seconds the top row of bubbles will lower with a new set. This will continue through the game until the entire screen is clear. Playing the arcade version of the game allows for more levels to complete at your own pace. This mode allows you to practice shooting so that you can get the bubbles you're given pointed to just the right spot. There are also puzzles to solve. You have to make a certain number of matches or get the bubbles cleared in a certain amount of time to advance to the next level. Some of the levels have boosters that clear more bubbles on the screen.


  • Challenging levels
  • Bright colors to keep interest
  • Easy to save


  • Bubbles don't match as often in higher levels

Bubble Shooter is a free entertaining downloadable game where you group 3 or more colored bubbles of the same color to make them pop. There are also various other techniques that can be used once the game-play has been delved into. This game really challenges your mind and is addictive. One could easily spend a good amount of time playing this enjoyable game. This game has many different levels for one to spend time on. The graphics are also vivid and clear. The quick download process is also simple and worked easily. In addition, the settings are easy to adjust. The download also doesn't take up much space on one's computer. When downloading and opening the game, no problems arose. Unlike some downloadable games today, I found no glitches, freezing or stalling in this game. Many games today hit you with problems as well as too many advertisements, so it is comforting that this game doesn't have any of those issues. The game may seem challenging at times, but this makes it all the more rewarding once the challenging level has been passed. The game-play itself is also fairly simple, and people of all ages can pick up the basics very quickly. Compared to similar games, this version's display, format and control make it a solid choice. It can easily be recommended for anyone looking for a fun way to pass some time. Overall, this is an excellent game that can be played countless times!


  • Easy controls
  • Many levels
  • Flexible settings
  • Enjoyable game-play
  • Doesn't take up much memory
  • Nice display
  • Playable by all ages
  • No glitches
  • Fast download time


  • None

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